Lori Pace CEO Owner of ADIM Media

A Note From Our Owner/ CEO, Lori Pace


I was once told that almost all problems can be solved with communication. In my life, I have found this to be true. Communication is how we relate to each other, how we publicize our goals, our wants and needs, and our achievements!

Another truth I have learned, however, is that 80% of communication comes from how people receive what you are telling them. You can be as clear as day in your mind with what the end goal of a conversation is, but if the person or people listening do not take the information in the way it was intended, issues can arise.

When I started building ADIM Media 12 years ago, the thing I saw missing most in the high tech world of algorithms, analytics, and automated services that marketing had become, was communication. Where was the human connection? The understanding of a business owner’s needs through the inflection of their voice, the slight rise of an eyebrow and the hand gestures that emphasize an important point?

How could I build a company where someone feels they can walk in, share their successes and concerns, and really show that I am listening to the message they are trying to deliver?

The answer? Listen. Really, really listen!

Talk face to face more often than not. Pick up the phone to hear the emotion in their voice versus an entire working relationship via email or text. Read in between the lines! Be honest about mistakes and humble about successes.

And, most importantly, know that every client that walks in is a person trying to do what we are daily. They are trying to showcase pride in the company they have created and to build a life, and an income, they can rely on for their family!

Oftentimes, being able to put yourself in other’s shoes is the best way to really hear what someone is trying to say!

I am proud to say that ADIM Media is a client centric firm. With my years of experience and thousands of conversations with many clients, several who have been with me since the beginning, I emphasize to every team member the importance of knowing the client as a person, listening to their words and trying to understand their emotion when saying them. Ask questions, feel free to share ideas and, most importantly, treat them as you would want to be treated. All the time. Even when things are tough.

At ADIM Media, we are bringing good, old fashioned business relationships back to the ultra digital, automatic world we succeed in!

Feel free to reach out to me personally to have any discussion you want that can help elevate your business to achieve your business goals! I would love to hear your story!


Lori Pace