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Lori Pace is the proud creator and owner of ADIM Media. A graduate of the University of Houston, Lori started her career in oil and gas banking, moved to international trading as a stock broker and then discovered blogging when she started her family. In 2010, A Day in Motherhood was born.

As a single mom, Lori worked hard to develop a brand and a reputable company while raising her three daughters from toddlerhood to teenage-hood.

In 2016, the blog morphed into a social media management company that is now ADIM Media.

In 2021, she made the decision to allow it to grow even more and started hiring the talent necessary to expand the company into a thriving marketing firm, where it stands today.

Lori spends her spare time driving her girls to volleyball, golf, school plays, track meets and any other activity they choose to join. She also cares for 5 beagles that are all adoptions from the Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue, two guinea pigs and a fish. 

With her three busy and accomplished daughters by her side, Lori continues to pursue her dream of building a future they can be proud of. 

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