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Lori Pace, Owner of ADIM MediaLori Pace started in the industry with her own blog, growing it to over half a million social media followers. Using her expertise in the field, she formed ADIM Media to aid small business owners who want to use this valuable marketing tool to advertise their products and services..

ADIM Media formed in 2015 with the goal of helping small business owners increase their bottom line through social media. Because most small businesses do not have the time, capability or expertise to manage and maintain social media platforms, ADIM Media steps in. We help to tell their story, protect their online reputation and market with a professional edge.

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In the present digital age, there is probably a social media channel for virtually everything. For many small business owners, competing in the current digital environment is a must in order to get the much needed exposure their business requires to increase sales and drive profits up. Truth is without the necessary tools, skills and experience; it can be very challenging if not impossible for any small business to succeed in social media because of the diverse and rapidly changing atmosphere it possesses. Regardless if you are a small business just beginning to market via social media, or have been dabbling with it for a while but with no success, you can imagine the chaos and stress that comes with having to deal with this on top of your business and the needs of your customers. Each individual social channel is laid with its own unique nuances that dictate how you should publish and distribute content. This is how social media management comes in.

What is Social Media Management?

The term social media management is a service provided by a social media agency for the purpose of strategically creating content along with publication and monitoring of your online presence over the many different social media platforms.


In order to develop and maintain a brand, image or reputation you need social media management to accomplish it. Studies show that over 84% of people who have access to the internet use social media one way or the other and chances are, your potential customers use it too. This is a very powerful tool you can use to reach as many current and potential clients as you like with minimum effort as long as you have reputable social media agencies to do the heavy lifting for you. For small business owners it is very important to establish a good first impression for your brand especially for those that will discover you for the first time online.

Partner with a Reputable Social Media Agency

A reputable social media agency can free you from having to worry about managing your social media presence. At ADIM Media Social Media Agency you get an all-in-one shop that can take care of all your needs. We use only the latest and most sophisticated tools and experienced people in place to mount a successful social media management campaign for you. On top of that you also acquire an outside perspective into your brand or business, giving you vital information that can save you a lot of time and avoid marketing mistakes. At ADIM Media we take very good care of all our clients. From the moment you sign with us we shall implement an audit of your present social media presence (or lack of) in order to provide you with important knowledge on where you currently stand prior to crafting an effective social media strategy that is perfectly in line with your objectives. We have excellent cross-channel and cross-client experience that lets us craft an efficient baseline from where to begin and what to expect.

When You Allow Us To Handle Your Social Media Management You Get:

  • Access to various industries and best practices with each
  • A team of experts that can tackle and solve all social media challenges
  • Scaling up swiftly in social media because you have a team of people doing all the work for you
  • A huge collection of talent at your disposal that includes creative, influencers and partners
  • Access to industry relationships that will get you the right connections and network in order to successfully develop your brand
  • A dedicated social media management expert whose sole focus is to help your brand succeed

Grow and develop your brand with the help of ADIM Media social media management. Call or visit us today.