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Social media marketing utilizes the power of these social media platforms in order to connect with your audience, develop your brand, increase your sales and in the process, drive pertinent website traffic. This is what ADIM Media is all about. We can create targeted content on your social media profiles, listen and engage your followers, analyze the results and run your social media ads to great effect.

ADIM Media’s social media marketing will help your business utilize the raw power of these social media platforms to market your brand and take it to new heights you never dreamed of before. The data tells it all. According to a Pew Research study roughly 81% US adults browse the Internet on a daily basis. That means more people are looking at smartphones and tablet screens than television sets and billboards. This is a huge audience that can potentially see your product and see it several times a day too.

Back in the day, when a customer was completely thrilled about a product or service he would recount the experience to a buddy, family member, colleague, guy on the street etc. and depending on how he described it, the other person would try it, if that person is also satisfied he then tells another and another. That is called word-of-mouth marketing. You allow the product or the quality of your service to do the work for you. One of the best ways to sell a product or service is letting the product speak for itself. If what you are indeed selling is good, people will come. Is this true? Not really. You may have a good product or service in your hands and lots of people have already attested to that but if no one knows who or what you are then your reach would probably be limited to the local neighborhood where you live. How do you go and market your business to a much broader scope and customer base without breaking the bank in terms of advertising and other approaches? In the past, the traditional means of marketing was the go-to method for many small businesses. It was expensive and most of the time did not really follow any metric to measure its effectiveness. The explosion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn changed the landscape of marketing a product or service forever. You now have the power of potentially reaching a global reach at the tips of your fingertips. How is this done? –through ADIM Media’s Social Media Marketing campaign.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

The online marketplace is such a huge place that if not handled correctly can lead to many mistakes and missed opportunities. In the hands of lesser experienced social media companies a campaign can get ruined as quickly as it started. This is why you need an experienced but affordable social media marketing company to take the reins and ensure the approach is done using a surgeon’s scalpel and not a blunt instrument

At ADIM Media We Can Help Enhance Your Business’ Social Media Presence Through These Platforms:

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The online social media juggernaut, with over one billion daily users, is a massive social media network that has excellent potential to increase awareness for many small business owners. This is why most if not all social media marketing companies offer premium social media marketing services for this platform because of its enormous audience variety.

Demographics – From this aspect alone, Facebook has access to many different demographics ranging from senior citizens, youth, men and women plus over 50% of adults in the United States, use the platform several times a day. This gives your business many opportunities to connect with your target audience.

Use – From strictly a social media management view, Facebook is an effective platform for nurturing relationships for both current and potential customers. It can immensely help develop brand loyalty for your business and also inspire future purchases.

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With over 330 million users, Twitter does not have the same reach as Facebook but we can help your business create access to a select group of users that engage with brands on a daily basis. Depending on what your target market is, this platform presents a clear social media marketing advantage for you.

Demographics – Based on data, less than 25% of adults in the US have an active Twitter account but don’t let this discourage you because the platform offers competitive access to users between the ages of 18-29 as 40% of Twitter users belong to this age group. Did we mention that they are also active multiple times on a daily basis?

Use – Since the platform focuses more on news, the goal of social media marketing for this platform will emphasize more on two-way engagement between users, whether they are consumer or brand. When it comes to engagement with a target audience, Twitter is an excellent option.

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There is no doubt that Instagram, with its more than one billion active users, is quickly becoming the new standard for social media marketing campaigns. It centers on videos and images in order to encourage companies to come up with innovative ways to engage and capture audiences.

Demographics – The ideal platform to connect with the age 18-29 bracket and 30-49 market too. Data shows that 65% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 use Instagram several times a day, for the 30-49 range, around 40%.

Use – Similar to the other social media platforms mentioned above, we can customize an affordable social media marketing campaign to help your business generate new leads. It is an excellent platform for developing a relationship with your target audience as well as engaging them. This is the platform many entertainment, retail and beauty-based businesses rely on for their marketing campaigns.

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Known as the largest professional network on the planet, LinkedIn’s more than 550 million users is a social marketing agency dream come true. It is the best place for businesses looking to recruit ideal candidates and establish themselves as an authority in their respective industries.

Demographics – A very popular platform among many college grads and this is the reason why 50% of grads maintain an active LinkedIn page. Moreover, over 90% of LinkedIn users also have Facebook, which is a plus as we can target 2 birds with one stone.

Use – Similar to Twitter, LinkedIn is very useful for developing relationships with other businesses and to develop your online reputation via content marketing.
Other social media marketing companies do not have the breadth and scope that ADIM Media can offer your business. Our strategy focuses on results and as such our social media marketing strategy will focus on 5 core principles that can increase brand awareness and result in more sales and interest in your business.

At ADIM Media Social Media Marketing Agency We Will:

  • Research your buyer personas and audience for you.

  • Determine which social media platforms that can best fit your business.

  • Creation of a unique and engaging content.

  • Determine the best time to make posts that will have the most audience
  • Make an analysis on the impact and results.

Buyer Persona and Audience

At ADIM Media social media marketing agency, the first step we will do for you is determine your buyer personas and audience so you can target their needs and interests correctly. Through the discovery of your buyers’ personas and audience we will be able to determine the kind of content that will be able to attract the kind of audience and followers you hope to gain and how we can create engaging content in order to keep your followers interested.

Market on the Right Social Media Platforms

Not all social media platforms are the same and many social media marketing companies try to market on as many social media platforms as possible. Not only is this expensive but also not very effective. At ADIM Media we will determine which social media platforms are best suited for your business. This can have a tremendous impact as this will allow focus on the needs of your target audience where they spend their time. This approach can create an affordable social media marketing campaign that is not only leaner but more efficient in getting results rather than a bloated campaign with no end result in sight.

Creation of Innovative and Engaging Content

At ADIM Media social media marketing agency we focus on making creative and engaging content for your business to wet the appetite of your audience and followers on a consistent basis. With lots of competition online, there is a big chance that many of your followers and customers have also seen your competitor’s content and that of others in your industry. This is the primary reason we focus on engaging social media content that can stand out from the pack and provide viewers with a good reason to click the like and follow button and begin interacting with your brand.

At ADIM Media Social Media Marketing We Will:

Increase Awareness to your Brand

We can do this by ramping up engagement through comments, likes, shares and reposting of content. We can elevate brand awareness by directing traffic to your website by addition of direct link to the website profile, bio and posts.

Nurture Relationships with Customers

Through connection and engagement with your social media followers we will be able to nurture and develop long term lasting relationships between your customers and your business. We do this through consistent interaction on your posts as well as timely responses to customer queries and comments in the process, providing them with excellent customer services too.

Generation of Leads and Conversion Boosting

Through the promotion of your products and services via social media marketing, we will be able to improve lead generation and boost your conversions leading to a noticeable increase in sales as we are targeting an audience that is interested in your products and services and have decided to engage by clicking the follow button on your account.

Learn from the Competition

Our very affordable social media marketing campaign will tap into your competitor’s strategies and learn from their social media tactics and what ways we can utilize these to our advantage. Social media lets us take a look at what works and what does not for your competition and will help us determine what needs to be changed or what should stay the same regarding the approach. Reviewing the competitor’s campaigns can ensure that the implementing strategy we use will be completely unique and will stand out to truly promote your brand.

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