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Do you know that over 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business? LinkedIn is not merely a top notch social network but also an awesome way to recruit and hire the best talents for your business. Currently, LinkedIn has over 690 million members and every day more and more businesses and brands are utilizing the power of this social media platform to market, network, connect and sell.

ADIM Media is a premier LinkedIn marketing company that can provide your business with the tools and expertise it needs to harness this powerful platform and elevate the business as an authority in order to increase its reputation and network with the right people. If you are like most small business owners, chances are you are wearing different hats, handling sales, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service and lots more. Attempting to do these tasks can be quite challenging and for some, just downright impossible. At ADIM Media, we can create an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign that can allow your business to reach achievable goals, implement a step-by-step plan and utilize the right tools in order to realize your vision for your business.

Let Us Outline the Broad Strokes of Our LinkedIn Marketing Campaign For Your Small Business:

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Develop Your Professional and Personal Brand

LinkedIn is the perfect place to develop your professional and personal brand. As a professional LinkedIn marketing company we know how crucial it is to build relationships with your prospects and current clients, because customers are more likely to purchase products and services from people they know, like and trust. In today’s digital landscape, gaining the trust of customers and prospects is very difficult. This is why we need to develop our brands for the purpose of steering them in this direction.

LinkedIn is most popularly known as a social media platform for professionals and is most effectively utilized by small business owners that have a LinkedIn personal profile and a company page. Our LinkedIn marketing campaign includes the creation of these pages in order to showcase you and your business in a professional manner when someone makes a search for it on the LinkedIn platform and in Google search results.

ADIM Media’s LinkedIn marketing team will focus on creating a powerful and professional brand for your business and ensure that the personal LinkedIn profile is complete and done in the most professional manner befitting an established brand. With this approach, your visitors will be able to learn very quickly about whom you aim to serve, what you can offer and why they should listen to you. We can then further elevate your credibility through the Recommendations and Skill Endorsements section of your profile. We would shoot for at least five or more LinkedIn recommendations from people that can speak to your know-how. LinkedIn is known for focusing on the personal profile of the user as in here people connect with people and not logos. This is why we also need to create a LinkedIn page for your business. Consider this very important no matter if you are merely a one-person business, consultant or freelancer. We shall ensure that this page is complete, represents you and your business in the way you want your ideal customers or clients to view you.

The Creation of a LinkedIn Company Page With an Appropriate Company Logo Serves Two Vital Purposes:

  1. It establishes additional opportunities for your business to be discovered in the search results for the type of services you provide, and
  2. It establishes the legitimacy of your company on both your own as well as your employees’ profiles.

Establish You as an Authority In Your Field

This LinkedIn marketing approach is all about developing the sense of “know, like and trust” among your ideal customers and network towards your brand. In order to gain trust, we shall establish to them that you are an expert and know what you are speaking about. To put it simply we need to establish you as an authority on your subject matter. We shall do this by sharing content and resources that your ideal customers will find valuable.

ADIM Media’s LinkedIn marketing company will curate the content; make sure the articles that you share are all professional and create a solution that solves a challenge or problems your ideal customers face. Furthermore, we shall ensure that you will provide your own personal opinion or perspective about a certain issue or topic. While we know your ideal customers can discover this content elsewhere, what is more important is that you provide them with a unique perspective on it. We shall create for you your own original content and post these as status updates or long-form articles through the LinkedIn publisher. The content will be completely client-focused and presents very valuable information to your ideal clients.

Create for You New Clients and Prospects

For most small businesses, achieving more business and sales remain the top priorities. Once we have successfully established you as a brand authority on the social media platform, our LinkedIn marketing campaign will concentrate on the lead generation process by searching for job titles of your ideal clients using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature. Once we have found a search that produces great results, we will look through the list for possible matches. We shall ensure that they fit your criteria and then determine the best means by which to connect with them. We shall also check if you have a mutual connection with them as buyers are five times more likely to engage with you if there is a mutual connection. This is called a warm referral and statistics show that 84% of the B2B decision makers begin their purchasing process using a referral.

At ADIM Media you never have to look for another LinkedIn marketing company again because we can provide you the best approach to develop your company using LinkedIn. We know that running a small business is very challenging. This is why we believe we can help you reach your goals with an actionable plan and the right tools so you can achieve your objectives and much more. Let us launch an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign to help your company grow.

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