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4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Can Benefit From an ADIM Media Instagram Marketing Campaign:

  1. Over 1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide are active every single month.
  2. 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram
  3. Over 500 million accounts use Instagram every single day.
  4. 25 million+ companies from all over the world are already using Instagram for their business and more than 200 million users click on at least one single business profile every day.
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As Facebook focuses on connecting people with content from friends and family, Instagram has become the “new home for brands,” where there is a high level of engagement, followers are incredibly loyal and real achievable business goals may be realized. ADIM Media’s Instagram marketing team can help your business connect passions with customers, tap into that and establish deeper relationships both online and off. As an Instagram marketing company we can help your small business immerse visually with your target audience. We can help tell your story using unique and creative tools including immersive formats that not only inspire but also help encourage engagement. ADIM Media can help your business connect with new customers while strengthening your relationship with current ones. Instagram is not simply an app where people post “Instagrammable” images and get views and likes it is a place for brands to develop loyal followers, achieve better brand awareness, attain reach, increase traffic and engagement and get conversions. It’s no wonder why businesses from major brands to start-ups to mom-and-pop operations love it. Instagram is the vehicle that can create results for you. Let ADIM Media’s Instagram marketing team help you achieve both your short and long-term business goals.

Creating an Instagram Business Account

Instagram marketing for your business begins with our team setting you up with an Instagram business account. If you already have an Instagram personal account that already has a following we can simply convert it to an Instagram business account. Doing so will give your business access to all the business features and makes the transition seamless for your followers. If you do not have one yet, no problem, we can set you with a brand new business account too.

Establish a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy

Defining a Target Audience

As your Instagram marketing company this will be the 1st step that we will do. Most users of the app are under the age of 35, with an almost equal split between male and female users. While the US has the highest number of users, we still need to go beyond and ensure we get the right Instagram demographics to be able to define a target audience that is perfect for your brand. We accomplish this by:

  • Determining who already purchases your products and services
  • Check the analytics on your other existing social media channels if any to learn who follows you from there.
  • A thorough competitor research activity will be done by the ADIM Media Instagram marketing team.
  • Establish a clear value statement for your brand.

Setting Objectives and Goals

The next step in establishing an effective Instagram marketing strategy is knowing what you want to achieve. By understanding your objectives, we can keep things on track which allows us to focus all our efforts on reaching your real business objectives. These effective goals follow the SMART framework which goes by this:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Concentrate on Correct Performance Metrics

The precise metrics to measure and track for each brand or business may vary but from a broad perspective it should concentrate on metrics that are related to the social funnel. The goals must align to one of the four stages of the customer journey:

  • Awareness – This includes metrics such as brand awareness, growth rate of followers and post reach
  • Engagement – These includes metrics like the engagement rate (based on likes) and amplification rate which is based on shares
  • Conversion – On top of the conversion rate, it includes metrics such as the click-through rate and bounce rate. For paid ads the conversion metrics will also include cost per click and CPM.
  • Customer – the metrics that are based on customer actions such as testimonials

Commitment to a Regular Posting Schedule

Once we begin developing a consistent and growing audience on Instagram, your followers will expect to see posts from you on a regular basis. ADIM Media’s Instagram Marketing team will keep them aware of your brand and engage them with content ensuring not to overwhelm them to the point that they ignore or unfollow you. We will be benchmarking your account with other top brands in your industry and then do some testing to determine the best time to create the most engaging posts. The important factor here is to discover when your audience is online. Once we establish that, we can then create a content calendar that can plan and schedule in advance your Instagram content.

ADIM Media’s Instagram Marketing team will set your business page to have Instagram ads to help promote your brand to new and existing customers. We do this by:

Setting Marketing Objectives – Instagram ads work with the following objectives namely: brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, engagement, video views and conversions.

Selecting Placements – At this point we already know our target audience and we can now begin to select the ad placements. This is a critical step to ensure the ads will show only on Instagram.

Set a budget and ad schedule – We will discuss your ad budget with you and then determine the best time for posting the ads based on the information we have already researched in order to give your brand the best exposure to your target audience.

  1. Create your Instagram ad – There are a few ad format options we can choose from such as:
  2. Image feed ads – the standard ad format and the most likely one you see most often when scrolling through the feed. They are single images that will appear as a native experience as your target audience is scrolling through their feed. When done well, these ads do not feel like ads. ADIM Media’s Instagram Marketing team can ensure these are done very well to create a unique customer experience.
  3. Image Story ads – Same concept as above but made for Instagram stories.
  4. Video Feed ads – we will be bringing your ad to life with high quality videos to show your followers.
  5. Video Story ads – These are ads on Instagram stories. They are perfect because stories are the area where your followers expect to see videos, so the selling part does not feel forced on the audience.

Optimize Your Profile

While basic information is good, we will go beyond that in order to ensure your business profile is completely optimized. This is done by:

Tweaking Your Bio

  1. The Instagram bio consists of only 150 characters and we need to ensure that only the most relevant information about your business is there. It should achieve the following objectives: tell first time viewers who you are, what your brand is all about and why if any they should care about you. Rest assured you can trust ADIM Media’s Instagram marketing team to accomplish this by:
    1. Using your brand voice – Depending on the nature of your business we can convey your personality be it casual, professional or cheeky.
    2. Include hashtags – These Instagram bio hashtags are clickable and a cool way to show off user-generated content.
    3. Emojis – These symbols can help convey information in a single character
    4. Use of spacing and line breaks – to make your bio much easier to view online.

There Are So Many Things That ADIM Media’s Instagram Marketing Company
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