Offering Comprehensive Google Reviews Management

Customer reviews on the Google platform provide essential insight to your business and how your customers view your products and services. At ADIM Media we provide new and existing small businesses with Google reviews management in order to help them establish a reputation online that will lead not only to more revenues and new customers but also assist in establishing them as experts in their field.

The 3 Best Practices Behind Good Google Reviews Management Services Are:

  1. Reminding client customers to leave reviews and make it easy for them to do so.
  2. Reply to reviews in order to develop customer trust.
  3. Verify the business information so that it appears on Google Maps, Search and other Google services as only verified businesses can respond to reviews.

At ADIM Media we can do this for you and many more so we can help your business grow and gain the trust of new and existing customers. Why are reviews so important? A staggering 57% of consumers read at least 4 reviews before deciding to purchase products and services. Any business will benefit from a Google reviews management service, as it is one of the best ways to develop a relationship with new and existing customers. Our Google reviews management service can provide your company with a huge credibility boost almost immediately. If you are a small business trying to breakout, one of the best ways to get noticed is via reviews on the Google platform.

What is a Google Review?

Google reviews allow any reputable business the ability to prove themselves to potential customers. Through this approach, people go online and leave their thoughts about the business without the need to download any app. The reviews in essence allow you to compete with the big boys by leveling the playing field where marketing hype, expensive campaigns and other flashy marketing approaches become less relevant. While no one can deny the power of having a slick expensive campaign, they often become less relevant because of the simple fact that Google business reviews provide transparency and social interaction that can be measured, rather than just slick marketing. If customers are checking out your products and services on the social media platforms, they can just type a search query and discover Google reviews from actual customers that have tried your service and can then make an informed decision on whether or not they should engage more – and with positive reviews on your services, it will push them towards a conversion very quickly. If you are a business that responds to Google reviews and gains good reviews as well, you will begin to have power that can influence brand trust, rankings on searches and feedback. This is why any small business can benefit immensely from ADIM Media’s Google reviews management service.

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What We Can Do For You:

1. We can Increase Brand Trust

Transparency is a key factor when it comes to deciding what to purchase. The relevance of transparency in today’s online marketplace can mostly be attributed to the huge amounts of information on any business found online. It is not unusual for customers to do their own research on a business before deciding to buy their products and services. As a matter of fact, over 88% of consumers read reviews in order to determine the trustworthiness of a local business and a huge part of that research is made via Google reviews. A staggering 72% of consumers surveyed say positive reviews allow them to put more trust in a local business than they may have if they did not read a review. This alone offers businesses a tremendous opportunity to achieve a competitive edge over other businesses through the collection of Google reviews.

2. Increase Online Exposure That Leads to Higher Results in Local Searches.

We know for a fact that Google algorithms are very sophisticated but one thing is for sure: Google reviews do have a direct impact on Google local search. As a matter of fact roughly 9% of the entire Google search algorithm is driven by review signals like the ones found on business Google reviews. Our Google reviews management service takes advantage of this and helps you rank higher in search engine results leading to higher exposure to more potential customers. With the right execution, Google Business reviews may become one of your most successful marketing strategies. This is due partly to Google business reviews letting your business appear in the “Map Pack” – a collection of businesses that is in close proximity to the location the user is searching. The map pack displays not only the name and link to the business but also vital contact information such as address and phone numbers as well as the total number of google reviews on top of the average rating.

3. Feedback Loop and Customer Intelligence via Google Business Reviews

One of the best advantages you can get from our Google reviews management service is use of the feedback loop and customer intelligence data. We believe that each and every Google business review that is collected should serve as a kind of customer survey response for your business and your team. The reviews in essence will tell you three things namely:

  1. Whether or not the products or services created a positive customer experience.
  2. Where your product or service did a good or not so good result.
  3. The products or services they received from your business.

At ADIM Media, with Google reviews management we not only monitor your good reviews but also provide feedback and manage your negative reviews too. By monitoring any negative reviews we can quickly determine what areas require improvement, be it a product or a service, and have developed a process to manage them. This calls for monitoring the Google review after the transaction has happened. We do this using an online reputation management program that can monitor reviews from different platforms such as Google and Facebook. By doing so it can ensure that no review goes by unnoticed and it will inform us every time a review has gone live and lets us respond immediately or take action when necessary.

4. Improve on Click-Through Rates to your Company Website

What good is all that online exposure if no one actually clicks the link that sends them to your website? Any smart business knows the value of getting customers to do just that. ADIM Media’s google reviews management service can help improve your click-through rates. Since we are collecting good, authentic positive reviews, your Google rating will go up and will show right next to your business name and thereby increases the likelihood of clicks to your website.

5. Convert More Customers for You

Once we are able to convince customers to click through your page it is only a matter of time before they buy. While no one can discount the fact that a user-friendly webpage, smart design and slick site can do wonders for customer conversion, Google reviews are powerful motivators for convincing customers to buy as well. It is for this reason alone that businesses should have a strong rating on Google and should be exploiting that amazing rating all over their respective sites. The good rating garnered from excellent customer reviews increases customer trust even if they have not even seen or read online reviews about your business

ADIM Media’s Google reviews management service harnesses three vital areas of your online presence: trust of your brand, local search engine optimization (search engine results) and feedback. If your business is not at the moment making the most out of Google reviews, then you are possibly missing out on many benefits that your competition is taking advantage of. Our service is one of the most cost-effective means to generate leads, gain trust and convert it to revenues. At ADIM Media we make Google reviews work for you.

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