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With over 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide, every small business should be on Facebook, period. As the number one place where people can connect and share online, Facebook is more than just a venue to meet friends. It has evolved as a venue for businesses to market themselves through engagement with customers, self-promotion and through many different means. At ADIM Media our Facebook advertising agency can help your small business utilize the power of Facebook ads and grow and develop your Facebook business page in order to reach your goals whether it is something as basic as increasing your followers, garnering likes from your posts or converting customers to achieve a profitable revenue stream. At ADIM Media we utilize smart Facebook marketing techniques to maximize your return on investment.

Defining Your Audience for Smarter Facebook Marketing Ad Campaigns


We can use Facebook ads to advertise in cities, communities and countries where you want to do your business.


We can help you select a target audience based on age, gender, education, job title and many more. What’s more is that you will be able to keep track of the kind of people that your ads are reaching, but rest assured Facebook will not share any confidential information about them.


We can add interests and hobbies of the customer base you want your ad to reach and in the process make your targeted ads more relevant for your users.

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We can target your ads on consumer behaviors, for example: past purchases and device usage.


We can opt to include people who are connected to your Facebook Page or event, or exclude them in order to discover new audiences.

At ADIM Media, Our Facebook Advertising Agency Can Achieve All Your Facebook Marketing Goals Through 5 Steps or Phases.

Step 1: Research of Competition and Customers

This is the most basic step to achieve a more targeted approach to your ads. At this point, it is a given that your closest competitors have launched their own Facebook marketing campaigns. The rationale here is why not learn from what they are doing prior to beginning our campaign? Know what works for them and what does not. This essential step is called competitor analysis wherein we breakdown exactly what social media platform they are on, know what content works for them and what their weaknesses are and the complete fan base.

The next step is researching your ideal customer. This step is done through analysis of what your ideal customer is. The approach calls for breaking down your ideal customer base by age, gender, location, marital status, job title, level of education and monthly income. All of these are possible within Facebook’s targeting ad options.

There Are 4 Key Elements Here:

  • Goals and Values – This answers what your customer wants for himself, family, and friends.
  • Pain Points and Challenges – We determine where the customer is frustrated at and what prevents him or her from reaching their goals.
  • Sources of Information – This pertains to information regarding where your ideal customer goes to spend their time while online. We want to know what blogs they visit or which conferences they go to if any.
  • Objections to the Sale – We try to answer why your target audience will say no to your products and services. Does it have to do with time? Affordability of your products, ease or difficulty of using your product and lack of perceived value.

This process is very critical as it helps us define who we should target and determine what engaging content to create based on what the answers are on the criteria above.

Step 2: Development of Ads and Growth Strategy

Now that we have the data we need we then turn that into an actionable strategy. The kind of Facebook marketing strategy that we will implement is based on a number of factors such as goals, audience, budget, resources available such as email list, current customer base and more. Using ADIM Media Facebook advertising agency social media sales strategy will result in predictable recurring online sales very quickly.

Step 3: Implementation of Facebook Ad Strategy

This is the step in the process where the Facebook advertising agency at ADIM Media develops a timeline for execution, sets benchmarks and essentially does the work. Our clients love that they can sit back and have peace of mind knowing that the Facebook marketing strategy is being implemented and working to achieve their goals while also freeing them to have more time building their business.

This is the part where you relax and enjoy the show while our team grows your business.

Step 4: Reporting and Measurement

Two issues that terrible marketers and conventional marketing have in common are they are both really bad at measuring return on investment. The truth is measuring ROI is a very technical matter and should only be done by a competent Facebook advertising agency such as ADIM Media who knows the process, tools and the math to increase your sales and set tracking the correct way.

Step 5: Optimization

One of the most underrated but valuable steps in the entire process, is the part where we look at the results generated in a critical manner and find ways to improve on them. During this phase we usually discover ways to reduce cost by breaking down what audience is responding the best and what ads work best. Through this step we discover ways to scale up the campaign for the purpose of generating more sales for you.

Creating a Small Business Facebook Page

As your Facebook advertising agency we will create or modify the Facebook business page of your company in order to expand your overall presence online. Similar to a personal Facebook page, the business page has the ability to send and receive messages from customers or followers, post updates, get notifications as well as like, comment and share with other users and pages too.

  1. List your essential contact information. – When more people find you online because of our Facebook marketing campaign they would want to know how to contact you and what your operating hours are. They would also want to know if your business has a physical address they can go to as well as your support-line email if you offer services remotely. With ADIM Media’s expertise we will create or modify your Facebook business page to be a one-stop-shop for listing all your essential information.
  2. Engage new and current customers – Want to let customers take a peek at the day-to-day operations of your business in order to generate interest and create more sales? The Facebook business page is the best place to showcase images from your store or behind-the-scenes with your team. We will also be able to update your followers on any new products, promotions, news, discounts and many more.
  1. Can Determine your Audience – ADIM Media’s Facebook advertising agency will utilize tools for determining the demographics of your audience on Facebook. We will use the data gathered in order to form a more robust Facebook marketing strategy to better achieve the goals of the campaign.
  2. Reduce your Marketing Costs – With our help, you will be able to implement a Facebook marketing strategy that is affordable based on your budget in order to reach more people and possibly an audience of millions with lesser cost compared to traditional media.
  3. Increase Website Traffic – When we link your company website with your Facebook business page, we will be able to generate more traffic to your site. The more people that visit, the greater the odds that these people will read the information on your products and services and the greater the chances as well that they will also purchase from you directly.

Let us help your small business achieve revenue goals that you never thought possible.

ADIM Media – helping you connect, engage, promote, convert and profit through social media. Call us today to learn more on how we can begin generating more interest and revenue for your business.

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