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my marketing summer internship

Coming in as an intern at ADIM, I didn’t even really know what social media marketing was or what they did. I thought it was just posting stuff for companies. I couldn’t have been more wrong about what ADIM Media does and what social media for business growth is. The time and effort it takes in designing quality and precision work for clients is insane.

I thought I would share four things I have learned about ADIM Media, marketing and social media as a whole since starting my summer internship: 

  1.  There is no limit that they will do to obtain content. Whether it is having Gushers dropped on your face a few times for a TikTok video or sweating your butt off in the building because the AC broke and it’s 103 degrees outside, the content for these businesses will always be done on time and with the highest quality. 
  1. No matter how big or small the task, they are all equally important to the people who work with you. If that means you are helping design content or building a desk and a chair, they are all working together to help each other out! 
  1. Amazon deliveries are never ending. In order to have grade A marketing and design work, you have to be able to put your money where your mouth is, especially if it benefits the client. If you’re going to have a marketing company, you might as well have the best company right? To be the best in this profession, you have to experience the branding and advertising of your own. That is why ADIM Media is constantly in need of new products to help the business run smoothly!
  1. Snacks and Coffee are a must! Have you ever worked with a group of girls without food or coffee? I highly suggest not to!! Whether it’s frozen Gushers, Milano Cookies, queso, or cupcakes… each order for every employee is custom ordered for their preferences. 

The biggest thing I learned about ADIM Media in my time being here is that this team of individuals cares so much about the work they do for each company. They are insanely talented and all have their different quirks they bring to the table. I am insanely lucky that I got the privilege of working beside them this summer and wish the best of luck to the next intern! 

    -Brook Thompson, Summer Intern 2022