getting back to the ABCs of your Marketing plan

School starts in our area in less than 2 weeks. Sports tryouts are already under way, backpacks are being filled, tennis shoes are being tried on, parents are betting on how long until the kids outgrow them and needs a new pair…

The ABC’s of Back-to-School season are in full gear.

As a business owner with kids, this time of year always reminds me to look at the ABC’s of my marketing plan for ADIM Media as well. What have I neglected over the busy summer months? What needs to be done to start off my ‘new school year’ with the best foot forward? How can I make this end of year season make the grade?

To help keep me marketing minded, we made a literal list of A-Z to remind us of what needs to be packed in that all important backpack for marketing:

A – Analytics

Once the kids are dropped off at school, or safely on the school bus, it is time to take a look at the analytics that your social media profiles and Google Analytics are telling you. Are you spending your hard-earned marketing dollars in the right area? Are you targeting the right people? Do your analytics on social media compare correctly with that your website is telling you? If not, what changes need to be made to get your marketing dollars in front of those who will lacteally utilize what you are offering?

Need help understanding your audience and analytics? Let us know. We do that!

B – Blogging

Creating a monthly – or even quarterly blog – is a wonderful way to introduce new products or services to your potential customer, and to get Google to see you more as an expert on their system as well. Not a great writer or do not have the time to do a blog? Let us know: We do that!

C – Content

Without great content you are limiting the interaction and interest of a potential customer. Content on social media should be engaging, relevant, and interactive. On your website, the content should be up to date, professional, and easy to understand and find. If it is not, or you need help with content for your social media or website, let us know. We do that!

D – Details

They say the proof is in the details. And it is, especially when it comes to marketing. Are your addresses, website addresses, and phone numbers correct in all places online? Are your staff photos up to date and correct on your website? Does your social media platform have an updated header? Is everything you put out into the digital world up-to-date and accurate?

A good few hours of checking the details of your online footprint can be very valuable! Need help getting it done? Let us know. We do that!

E – Engagement

Engagement… the question of all marketing professionals. How do we get more engagement? Content + analytics + open-minded marketing from the end user perspective = increased engagement potential and thus, more sales for your business.

Engagement is hard. It is a trial-and-error process to see what your audience will consistently respond to. Luckily, as a professional marketing team, we are in touch daily with the trends, conversation, and season in the marketing season to help gain engagement!

Need some help? Let us know. We do that!

F – Facebook

Yes, Facebook is still one of the top platforms where users go to find the products, services, and social conversation they will utilize. But we can add it on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. We can also add Reddit and other search and informational platforms as well.

Social media, in general, is not only a very well utilized and interacted with informational gateway, but there is also data now suggesting that Facebook and TikTok are starting to be the top place people search for accurate information. Google is still tops, but people are reporting quicker and more accurate help with social media these days.

While your business does not need to be on all platforms, it is imperative these days that your company is where you are being searched for and that the content is updated regularly. See C – Content on this list!

We are your social media experts and have been working with it for over 14 years. Need help in any way? Let us know. We do that!

G – Google My Business

Google My Business serves so many purposes now. It gives searchers your immediate information – website address, store address, phone number, email, and location and directions. But did you know you can also post business centered content and photos on your Google My Business page?

Yep, you can utilize a Google product in their platform to post content, answer messages, and take in those liquid gold reviews!

Need help with the entire Google process and line of products? We have your digital marketing plan under control. Let us know. We do that!

H – Hashtags

The fun world of hashtags will never leave us. How else will people find related and relevant information on Instagram and Twitter, mainly, but also on Facebook and LinkedIn? The purpose of a hashtag is to help users find the content they want based on that relevant hashtag.

We recommend that every client have between 120 to 150 interchangeable hashtags that they can use on social media to enhance their brand, and searchability. Now, not all posts and platforms like a lot of hashtags so lean on us to help you figure out the ins and outs of the all mighty #.

I – Insights

Much like A- Analytics, insights give the back-end details of who your marketing is targeting. Insights vary in that they tell you the age and location of your potential customer, thus helping you narrow your marketing target. Try to review your insights quarterly to make sure you are keeping up with your audience!

J – Join Online Communities

Facebook groups, Reddit, and other platforms have amazing groups that can help all of us business owners not only sell our wares but discuss and get advice on questions we may have. Take some time to find some communities that are informative and interactive!

Psst: As part of our online marketing services, we interact for our clients in groups. Need help with that? Give is a call. We do that!

K – Keywords

Keywords are vital to your Google Health! Take some time to look at your Google Analytics to see what people are searching for when they come to your website. If there are many searches for Google Ad Services in Tomball, then that keyword is on your site somewhere, or should be. Use these keywords to target on social media content as well!

Need help with all of your Google services and processes? Let us know. We do that!

L – Landing Pages

Landing pages are where Google sends people to land on your site. Landing pages are vital to your Google ranking health. Websites with 1 or 2 pages have limited real estate for Google to send searchers to. Websites with more pages, and more detailed pages, gives Google more places, and more keywords to utilize to send people to, thus increasing your overall footprint and search engine optimization.

We build and maintain websites, often adding pages for your real estate ownership on search engines. So, if you need help. Give us a call. We do that!

M – Mobile Optimization

In this day and age, searchability and usability of your website on mobile devices is KEY! Many of our sites see 70 – 80% of searches coming from mobile phones or tablets. Not having your website set for mobile use is a huge disadvantage. So as part of your clean up, make sure your website is rendering the right size and information on mobile devices!

N – Newsletters

We hear it all the time. I do not like getting emails. I get so many emails. I delete all emails that are not from clients. Ok, we hear you, but newsletters are emails people subscribe to which tells you they DO want to receive them and want the information in them from your company! We have seen a huge jump on newsletter open rates over the last year.

Newsletters are an amazing way to target repeat customers, engage new ones, and to get your company name in front of people who need to see it!

Need to up your Newsletter Marketing Game? Let us know. We do that!

O – Online Reputation

You have one reputation at home, one reputation in your community, and one reputation online. If you are not focused on that reputation, and aimed at protecting with honest work, respect for your employees and clients, and working daily to make sure your story is told by you, you jeopardize that reputation.

Respond to your reviews, answer questions, interact with your clients. Be present. Even if you have a disgruntled person you are dealing with, do it. Communication is key to maintaining an online presence and good reputation!  

Psst: as part of social media management and Google management services, we do this for you! Let us know! We do that!

P – Personalization

Nothing beats the personal messaging you want to get out to your clients. Stock imagery, AI messaging, and canned responses are necessary to maintain it all, but a personal touch always performs better, which feeds back into a great online reputation, and helps tell your story more accurately.

We do all we can to help personalize your online reputation. From content collecting, to video production, to spending time with you and your employees to hear your story and to learn how you tell it. It is all part of our digital marketing services plan!

Yep, you guessed it… we do that!

Q – Quality over Quantity

We hear from so many that they post to their platforms many, many times a day, to try to get engagement. For a personal page, that is fine. But for a business page, there is rhyme to the algorithm that helps these platforms decide who sees your posts, both organically and in paid search. Posting on a schedule, at optimal times, high quality content, is much more effective than posting a lot of things that may not be relevant to the day. We can help optimize with your digital posting schedule as well!

R – Retargeting

Retargeting is ad jargon for, and these are the simplest terms positive, stalking a potential user because they showed interest in your product or service, online. Example, you search for shoes on Google. You then start seeing shoe ads pop up on all your social platforms. They pop up for the next 30 days. That is retargeting.

Retargeting can be amazing and can be done through your Google Ads account. Need help with that? Guess who is here to help!


Simply, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how Google determines your pages and content to come up when someone is searching for a product or business. You can buy your way to the top with ads and you can set your site up for optimal SEO to make sure you provide as many real estate addresses as possible for Google to send users to.

We can help with your Google Ads, your SEO, and your website, by the way!

T – Target Audience

Can I say see letters A, E, and I? I think I will 😊

U – User Experience

Your part as a business owner is to know your business and products inside and out. Your challenge is to put on a different hat when marketing to see how a potential end user may see you online. It’s hard, trust me. We want to relay what we know. But can we engage what people are asking? It is a fine line to control your message while also asking people to look for your message. When planning marketing, ask an end user or two what they want to see! What will make them engage and eventually utilize your services?

V – Video Content

Let me say this loud and clear: Video is KING when dealing with digital marketing. If you do nothing else, spend the money to have videos created for your social channels and your website!

Drone videos of your store, informational videos from you, staff interaction videos, video testimonials. Get them done and utilize them to the best of your ability!

We can help as well! Just let us know what you need! We even help with the script!

W – Websites

I have hammered it home a few times. Your website is the anchor for all you do online. Without a good website, your Google ranking, your social media, and your reputation may all take a hit. During the back-to-school season, make sure your backpack is up to date and able to hold all it needs to so your supplies can work for you!

We offer full website design and updating services. Lean on us to get this part of your marketing plan done right!


We do not have an X. So, can we just say this article is X-cellent? hehe

Y – YouTube

YouTube is the number 1 utilized app for search and how to videos now. With YouTube shorts, they have made a comeback and are a powerful source for traffic to your website and beyond. YouTube can be tricky to use and to market, so if you go down that road for your business, make sure you do your research.

We manage a few YouTube accounts for our clients, so you know who to call for YouTube services!

Z – Zoom

We all know the power of video meetings now so we will use this to say, ‘Zoom back to the top of this article, choose 3 things to work on this week, and let’s get those ABC’s of your marketing plan under way for you! ADIM Media is always here to help. Located in Tomball, Texas, we are your nationwide marketing agency that can personalize and grow your online reputation!

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